Traveler Air Vest by Weekender

Great for travel, fishing or photography, the Weekender Traveler Air Vest is woven with fine multiple filaments resulting in a lightweight cotton-like fabric that is much softer, yet tougher than standard nylon. Packed full of 14 useful pockets to carry everything you need on your next vacation or adventure.

  • Ultra Lightweight / Stain Resistant
  • 14 Total Pockets Varying in Size
  • 9 External Velcro Pockets
  • 4 Internal Pockets (2 Velcro / 2 Zipper)
  • Breathable Mesh Backing
  • Great for travel, fishing and photography
  • 33" Overall Length (Size LRG)  
100% Techno-Dry Nylon
Machine Washable

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