Trim Fit Koi Shoulder Embroidered Silk Shirt by Tori Richard

Don't be afraid to give the Koi Shoulder in this handsome embroidery. Known as a Japanese symbol of good luck and prosperity, koi fish are also admired for their unique beauty which is what make this embroidered shirt such a rare treasure! Water lines, cherry blossoms and an intricately detailed koi fish are embroidered into our soft silk blend fabric, creating a dynamic and realistic design. The water continues over the shoulder to makes this one incredible shirt.

Inspired by travel and exotic locales, Tori Richard's team of Hawai'i- based artists and designers are able to offer unique designs that are embraced by worldly clientele, such as yourself. The epitome of resort sophistication, Tori Richard products are the synthesis of over 50 years of experience and discriminating taste.

Limited Edition Print

70% Silf / 30% Lyocel
Dry Clean Only

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