An Evening Out on The Town Looking Classy

When planning to spend a special evening out with someone, it is important to consider how you’re going to dress! Think of what makes an evening special: The sunset, open fields filled with the sights of autumn, the tall and towering trees, leaves with a kaleidoscope of colors and migrating birds flying to the south. Does this sound like a depiction of some crazy artistic abstract? Well, you would be correct! There is something to be said about picking clothes that match the overall look of the evening. What a person wears to the big city wouldn't be appropriate for the person headed for the countryside. The details of your attire are as important as the place you are planning to go. Choose something that goes with the location, time of the year and the day. For example, a good pants pick - Bills Khakis "Light-Weight" Plain Front Poplin Pant, looks cool during a calm evening in a place rich with natural beauty. Choosing lighter or darker shades are up to you, but all shades of khakis look great on almost everyone.

Now for the shirt you choose; don't go for brightly colored shirts but instead go for polo or cotton shirts with a design that is on trend. Polo shirts look great and enhance your look. Choose a Emfielder Polo from Tommy Bahama and pair it with a light-colored khaki pant. Another option, though not as impressive as a polo shirt but still appropriate for an evening out, can be an Embroidered Polynosic Camp Shirt from Bamboo Cay.

Belts come in a slew of different styles and designs. They add to the look of your pants and define your waist. Choosing a belt that adds to your look is a skill you will learn. For this evening out that we are talking about, be very picky about the belt you choose. Select a Kingston Belt for instance, if you are going to wear a dark colored polo or cotton shirt. Another choice would be a Newberry Belt - Dark Brown should you choose a light colored cotton shirt. The width of belt also makes a difference. Choose from  normal to narrow width belts as they appear more refined and result in a polished look.

Putting together an outfit for an evening out with an attention to detail isn’t difficult; it takes planning and a sense of color taking into consideration the occasion and time. You can make a positive and lasting impression as long as you are mindful of what you wear. 

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