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Since the 1930's Kahala men's clothing has graced the racks of high-end department stores across Hawaii as well as the entire nation. Inspired by the Honolulu beach boy lifestyle, Nat Norfleet, Sr. and George Brangier created a unique blend of eye-catching prints, high-quality fabrics and comfort soon to raise the bar in this fashion genre. The Kahala brand is now available on a global scale, yet the company still holds true to its original sentiments.

At Captain's Landing, we offer an extensive selection of fine men's fashions and accessories, and Kahala sportswear is among our most popular lines. Their Hawaiian shirts and trendsetting shorts are conceived with a leisurely life in mind, so they're perfect for evening strolls by the sea and friendly gatherings. These styles are also great for casual summer dinner parties and may even be appropriate for a low-key beach wedding depending on the overall theme of the event.

Cruises are another suitable setting for your Kahala outerwear. The company offers swimwear and t-shirts for lounging by the pool as well as taking a quick swim or dip in the Jacuzzi. With their top-of-the-line shorts and vivid island-influenced button-up shirts, you'll stand out amongst the rest of the crowd while strolling the deck. Breakfast and lunch are typically casual occasions aboard ship, although swim trunks are often frowned upon at mealtime, so the sportswear line is also appropriate for these situations. You'll set yourself apart as one of the most well-dressed tourists when you disembark to explore your destinations as well. Dinners on board cruise ships are generally more elaborate affairs, so you may want to take your attire up a notch at these times. While tuxedos or even three-piece suits may be a bit over the top, shorts and Hawaiian shirts might be considered sup-par. Consider checking out our selection of khaki slacks and dress shirts for your evening meals.

Those rules would also apply during a resort getaway. In both settings, formal night would require taking your attire a step further. While the ladies are donning their evening gowns and stiletto heels, a well-tailored suit and something a cut above flip-flops or sneakers for your feet would serve you nicely. At the same time, you'll look dashing for those portraits and impromptu snapshots courtesy of the roaming photographers.

Proper dress for golf outings is slightly more difficult to pinpoint. Though your Kahala menswear may fit the bill at some courses, many country clubs do have strict dress codes in place. Check with the specific locale ahead of time before choosing your golfing wardrobe to avoid possible issues and disappointments.

Here at Captain's Landing, we cater to a wide range of men's clothing needs. Along with Kahala, we carry a number of other top brands in the industry. We also provide a sizing chart for your convenience and can handle alterations if need be. Feel free to browse our complete online inventory of outerwear and accessories, or visit our FAQ page to find a storefront near you. Let us help you dress to impress and feel your best no matter the occasion at hand.

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