Lightweight Cotton Shirts

Lightweight Cotton Shirts

Casual is king in today's environment. Gone are the days when corporate America required a coat and tie for everyday work. Instead, we have the rise of more entrepreneurs than ever before and the addition of an increasing work-at-home sector. In fact, what started as simply "casual Fridays" has expanded in some areas to entire summer seasons. Furthermore, teachers, retail workers, IT professionals, and customer service positions all allow for a more casual attire in the work place year-round.

Outside the confines of the office, casual lightweight cotton shirts are the norm, not the exception. Everywhere you look, from church to beach resorts, a nice, casual button up shirt is the appropriate dress code for any guy. Simply pair it with some khakis and you're good to go. Men can easily pack for trips to the beach, sightseeing around Europe, or bed and breakfast trips up the east coast with a few light shirts and coordinating pairs of pants or shorts. Truly, it couldn't be easier.

Define Quality

But, one has to wonder, how do you differentiate a quality cotton shirt from the rest? What makes one better than the rest? What you'll find here is definitely a cut above the rest. Primarily made because of their performance in tropical climates, most of our lightweight cotton shirts are made from Cotton Lawn, a brilliant light-weight fabric known for its quality traits. It's light without being sheer, breathable and with a smooth texture. This fabric is perfect for spring and summer, and resists creasing, making it perfect for travel and packing. Put it in the suitcase or duffle bag and rest assured that when you pull it out, it's going to looks as good as when you packed it.

Perhaps above all else, Cotton Lawn fabric highlights the incredibly rich and detailed prints that it acts as a canvas for. In fact, all of the Tori Richard shirts are Cotton Lawn. They are cut and sewn in Hawaii, and proudly wear the Made in USA label. That is how you define quality. Simply take a look at the brilliant colors, the intricate designs and patterns. You certainly won't find this type of detail and artistry in other manufacturers.

Won't I Look Like a Tourist?

Some men worry they will stand out like a sore thumb as a tourist when wearing the Aloha lightweight cotton shirts, but truthfully, nothing could be further from the truth. Unless you're going to pair it with sandals and white knee socks, you have nothing to worry about. The classic, sophisticated look in men's fashion today is that of a quality made tropical, Aloha shirt. These fun patterns show an artistic side of a personality, and when worn with classic khaki pants or shorts, show fashion sense and sensibility. Shoes make the man, and when worn with pants can simply be partnered with Sperrys or dock shoes, tennis shoes or even flip flops. Many men go barefoot on the beach in shorts and these classic shirts, but when necessary throw on a pair of sandals or canvas shoes.

Aren't these really just for the beach?

In a word, no. Men all over the country, from the beaches of Miami to suburban patios of Indiana are wearing Aloha light-weight cotton shirts. Granted, you may have Miami residents wearing them a little longer throughout the year, but the point is, everyone loves to show their casual side; old, young, east coast, west, and everywhere in between. Whether there's a beach a mile down the road or you have a lake where you pretend to go surfing, a lightweight cotton shirt with great art work showcased upon it is always going to be in style.

Take a look at the many shirts we have to offer, whether it's for you or a loved one. Don't worry about having something to match it, because you know he's always got a pair of khakis it will match. Don't worry about where he'll wear it. From dinner out with friends, the lake, vacation this summer, church next Sunday, walking around the mall or dressing for work, there's always a place to wear a quality casual cotton shirt this year. Pick a design loud and crazy or choose one a bit more subdued, but know they're all comfortable and most come in sizes up to a 2XL. They're machine washable and easy to care for, so forget about having to send it out for dry cleaning unless that's just something that makes your life easier.

Don't wait for a luau to enjoy the fun of Aloha cotton shirts. Take a gander at the numerous name brands we're offering this year, and the increased new designs in stock. Add to your wish list and make it easier than ever for the ones you love to shop for you at Father's Day, your birthday or Christmas.