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The Hawaiian shirt is really not an apt name for the garment popularized by Magnum PI and so many before him, as it can be seen in so many places from Kyoto to Marrakesh, or perhaps Hanalei or St. Tropez. Whether you're old school and call it a Hawaiian shirt or are up on hip culture and know it's truly referred to as an Aloha shirt, this colorful and stylish shirt gained its humble beginnings on Hawaiian sugar, coffee and pineapple plantations where workers needed rugged shirts for hard days in the field.

Believe it or not in the beginning, the tapa cloth used to make the original Aloha shirt was known for its durability and was made from the inner bark of native trees. Today's Tori Richard's shirt, however, has changed the look of fashion with its cotton lawn and embroidered shirts. But one thing has certainly stayed the same: the colorful looks and creative designs are still a true work of art.

In the early days of the 1930s, the tapas cloth used for shirt was seen as an artist's canvas, allowing individuals to use any number of colors to express themselves. Men and women took joy in decorating the cloth with wonderful colors and intricate designs, even though the shirts were only going to be worn in the fields. As time went by, though, these shirts became a mainstay in the Hawaiian culture. In fact, following WW II, the Honolulu Chamber of Commerce took out a study to determine suitable designs of clothing for businessmen, and a resolution allowing sports shirts was allowed from June through October. However, the Aloha Shirt was excluded because of its loud designs. The next year, however, an exception was made to allow the casual attire, encouraging the more colorful shirts for Aloha week. With this breakthrough, the trend exploded. Founded in 1956, Tori Richard originally focused on women's wear, however these days, they are just as famous for their resort wear and cotton and silk Hawaiian shirts which are inspired by foreign destinations and exotic locales. Their 50+ years of experience deliver top notch quality and discriminating taste. With a team of Hawaiian-based artists, they are able to create unique pieces and designs that have built a world-wide following of clothing aficionados.

Men all over the country are now able to experience the epitome of men's resort wear sophistication with a luxury feel. A Tori Richard garment is a one-of-a-kind purchase, a pleasure to the eye, and an indulgence to the skin. Gone are the days when a flowery shirt signified a tourist. Indeed, now, when you don a Tori Richard Aloha shirt, you are signifying a look of sophistication and impeccable good taste.

Who Wears Tori Richard Shirts?

While few men choose their clothes simply because celebrities wear them, they certainly won't be alone when they chose one of the quality made Tori Richard Aloha shirts. In fact, leading man Alex O’Loughlin from "Hawaii 5-0" and A-lister George Clooney are frequent wearers of the fine clothing. The line of shirts worn in the Academy Award winning film "The Descendants" were all Tori Richard's. It should come as no surprise that Sammy Haggar and Jimmy Buffet are also fans of the shirts and some musicians have even sported the shirts on their album covers.

Where Can I Wear My Tori Richard Shirt?

Naturally, you'll look right in place if you're planning a trip to the tropics, but you'll be glad to know that more than 80% of Tori Richard sales are main-land based. So, what that means is you're likely to be just as at home wearing it to a Braves baseball game as you are to a barbecue in Austin or on a boating trip in Carlsbad. Quite frankly, they're popular all over the nation, and they make amazing gifts for the man in your life, regardless of his age or where he lives in the country. Comfortable and roomy, they go well with khakis, shorts, and even dress pants. Men are comfortable wearing them to church, out to dinner, on airplanes or around town with their spouses. Truly, there's nowhere you won't feel at home in a Tori Richard.

Whether you want to go barefoot on the beach, wear flip flops around the house, or put on a pair of Sperrys on the boat, you'll always feel comfortable matching it with a Tori Richard shirt and shorts or pants. The outfit will lend itself to many outings, occasions and situations, and you'll know you will always look and feel your best. Shop the best sellers and take a look at some of the newest patterns out this year. Made right here in Hawaii, these must-haves will have you dressed like the natives in feel-good fabrics and look-good patterns.