2014 Fashion Trends for Men

2014 Fashion Trends for Men

The typical formal look, suit and tie – the button-up shirt, neatly pressed slacks and tailored standard jacket, have been long outlined as “men’s clothing.” Don’t you think it was pretty boring having the same look with solid plane colors and old suits? This New Year makes for causal looks on weekends, linen suits for summer time, and energetic florals with vibrant colors. These hottest styles are sure to influence menswear fashion throughout this year.

In 2014, the formal wear trends have changed; The new trend still retains its feel of classicism, but with an inclination towards contemporary fashion trends. No one will question whether you are wearing a blazer with jeans or a formal shirt without a tie. Try your favorite trainers on your feet; you will get the cool look of this year.

The man with great style and confidence can definitely go for trendy florals and embroidered shirts. You can choose anything floral this season including a shirt, a statement jacket, or a pair of pants. The trendy way is to wear them with your jacket or pants. From socks to blazers, t-shirts, shirts, bags, caps, and much more, you can go trendy with floral on this summer. When thinking to start a floral wear, a floral shirt or t-shirt is a safe option. You can make a trendy casual wear by wearing along with a pair of jeans, a denim jacket and trendy trainers. A floral blazer along with a plain t-shirt is going to make you look stunning this season.

Another excitement of this year’s fashion trend is the great coming back of bomber jackets. Designers of this season have produced bomber jackets in many formal, casual and sportswear varieties. From plain styles to floral and unique vintage style, you can see the bomber jackets in a variety from nylon fabrics to elegant leathers, in neutral and vibrant colors. The look of unique trendy bomber jacket with decorative motifs and laser cut prints. Whatever the weather, you can find any kind of outerwear that is perfectly tailored to your style requirements for your next travel outing.

As an energetic approach towards men’s style, this year’s fashion trend is themed in a variety of colors and designs. Most of the men’s collection features purple, blue, magenta, violet and green shades, and blends of these colors which provide an ultramodern look for men’s clothing. Multi-colors and vibrant bright colors are used along with typical colors to add to the style. From tops, jackets and denims to footwear and accessories, you can see the touch of a neutral formal style.

When it comes to style choices, the options are getting more diverse, day-by-day. When shopping for the season, consider your personal style, colors, and shapes that match you well.

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