TEST Summer Styling Tips for Men

This year’s men’s fashion trends shows to beat this summer with stylish fashion wears. Many of us like to keep things simple in this hot summer weather. Men always have a common clothing choice, t-shirt and shorts, for the warm weather. There are a plenty of other clothing choices that add style to you in this summer season. Here are some summer styling tips for men that can make you stand out in this season and help you cope with the heat in a comfortable way.

lightweight-cotton-shirts.jpgShirts, polo shirts and t-shirts in light color fabrics are men’s fashion trends this year. Pink, white, blue, yellow and purple are some solid color choices for men. Another good choice is a popover shirt which can be worn a little looser. Popover shirts in button-up styles provide a casual style and keep you cool and stylish this summer. You can also go for cotton lightweight fabrics and short-sleeve shirts in linen.

When it comes to pants, wide style pants are perfect for this summer season. You can simply wear pants with casual shirts, tees, and trench coats. A good pair of shorts is a must for your summer wardrobe. Try to choose flat front shorts just above the knee. Shorts in seersucker, lightweight cotton fabric, and khaki fabric are comfortable and nice looking for the hot weather season.

Another classic summer style is khaki cotton suits. You can also go for suits in lightweight fabrics including cotton or linen and try to opt for light colored suits which keep you cooler during the hot summer. Unlined cotton jackets in lighter shades are also trendythis summer. Just leave your jacket open to get a cool summer look.

Summer accessories such as a pair of sunglasses, casual belts, watches, and neckties add your style. First, a good pair of sunglasses is a must-have accessory for the hot summer. Other than looking stylish, sunglasses protect your sensitive skin around the eyes. Try to choose one that matches your face structure and looks good on you. Another style tip is to change your leather belt to a casual canvas belt. A lighter canvas belt is perfect for your lightweight linen shorts or pants. Summer is the season where you can go sockless. It is the time you get out your sandals, canvas, and loafers, and then get some fresh air for your feet.

By choosing the right style of clothing and accessories for this summer, you will keep looking stylish and stay comfortable throughout the season.

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