TEST Top 10 Beach Towns in Florida That Are Like Heaven For Retirees

Top 10 Beach Towns in Florida That Are Like Heaven For Retirees

Florida is full of beach towns and choosing the perfect one to retire to can be challenging because some beach towns in Florida are prime locations for partying. If you want to stay away from the younger crowd and find your own little slice of heaven, check out one of these great beach towns in Florida!

Are you looking to move to Florida to defrost during your golden years?

Florida is a beautiful place filled with amazing beaches. It's important however that you find a beach town that fits your needs as a retiree.

This article will give you the top 10 Florida beach towns to explore.

1) St Petersburg

St Pete, located on Florida's West Coast, is an amazing place to live. Not only do you have incredible beaches on the gulf coast, you also have an amazing downtown area and a thriving art scene.

2) Sarasota

Just south of St Pete you'll find Sarasota.

Sarasota is a great place for retirees. Long Boat Key beaches in Sarasota are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

3) Clearwater

Clearwater beach is one of the most popular Florida beaches. If you like to live somewhere where there is more action, this might be the beach town for you.

Clearwater also has easy access to Tampa.

4) Panama City Beach

Panama City is located in Florida's panhandle. In this city, you'll experience cooler seasons in the Fall and Winter. You'll also live in a place that has a more "southern" culture and vibe.

5) Jacksonville

Jacksonville is a large, sprawling city.

Located on the east side of Florida, you'll be on the Atlantic ocean. The waves tend to be larger here so it could be a good opportunity to take up senior surfing.

6) St Augustine

St Augustine is an amazing city for history lovers! St Augustine has beautiful beaches and tons of historic sites.

You can also catch a spooky ghost tour during all 12 months of the year.

7) Melbourne

Melbourne is another east coast beach town. Melbourne has an extremely laid back community atmosphere.

8) Miami

No list of Florida beaches would be complete without Miami. Miami is the most popular Florida city to visit.

Needless to say, the culture in Miami will be more vibrant than most of the towns mentioned above. If you love delicious food, art, and night life Miami could be for you.

9) Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale could be the destination for you if you enjoy water sports. Fort Lauderdale is home to the International Game Fish museum.

10) Key West

Love Key Lime pie? Why not head to Key West, the southernmost tip of the United States? If you love to be surrounded by surf and sand, this could be the perfect destination for you. Every day will feel like a vacation.

We Hope You Enjoyed This List of Beach Towns in Florida

We hope this list of beach towns in Florida inspired you to move to the sunshine state. Whether you're looking to fish, scuba dive, or curl up inside with a good book, Florida has a town for you.

Don't forget to pack your sunscreen!

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